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Clear Coating Package

With our Clear Coating Package, you can be rest assured that your vehicle will maintain its pristine appearance for years to come.


Our clear coat remains permanently flexible and is able to withstand the toughest environments without yellowing, cracking or peeling.

Protect your vehicle with our high-quality Clear Coating Package.

Includes everything you need (Prep and Paint) 

We start out by prepping your vehicle with a concentrated, water-based, biodegradable formula, industrial strength cleaner and degreaser. It does not leave residues behind like solvent based cleaners making it ideal for clear coats.

Followed by our Clear Coating application.

Wild Thing Auto Detailing uses a water clear high gloss clear coat that remains permanently flexible and is able to perform in the toughest environments without yellowing, cracking, or peeling!


Our choice with our product demonstrates High Quality Clear is insanely tough, hard, and abrasion resistant like no other clear coat on the market.

DiamondFinish Clear can be applied with a brush without leaving any brush marks.

Contains 8oz of KBS #1 Thinner which is used for thinning and clean up.

which is an incredibly tough clear coat.

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