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Clear Coat Services

With our Clear Coating Package, you can be rest assured that your vehicle will maintain its pristine appearance for years to come.


Our clear coat remains permanently flexible and is able to withstand the toughest environments without yellowing, cracking or peeling.

Protect your vehicle with our high-quality Clear Coating Package.

Includes everything you need (Prep and Paint) 

We start out by prepping your vehicle with a concentrated, water-based, biodegradable formula, industrial strength cleaner and degreaser. It does not leave residues behind like solvent based cleaners making it ideal for clear coats.

Followed by our Clear Coating application.

We use a self-leveling clear coat which is hand-applied, making it convenient and easy to use. Its ability to improve the look of old, damaged, and fading clear coat, headlights, and trim is impressive. By adding a long-lasting layer of depth, it helps restore the shine and beauty of these surfaces.

Furthermore, doesn't just focus on aesthetics but also provides additional benefits. The inclusion of rust inhibitors helps protect your vehicle from corrosion caused by environmental factors or moisture exposure. Additionally, its UV protection feature safeguards against sun damage that can lead to fading or discoloration over time.

Before applying clear coat on your entire vehicle panel, it is always advisable to conduct a small test in an inconspicuous area first. This ensures compatibility with your specific vehicle's surface and allows you to assess the desired results beforehand.


Overall, Our clear coat service appears to be an excellent solution for anyone looking to revive their vehicle's appearance while providing long-lasting protection against rust and UV rays.

We also use clear coat as the last stage in our headlight restoration process.

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