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Prepare for Waxoyl;

Introducing The Definitive Rust Protection Solution!!


After extensive research into the Rust Protection Market/Industry, Wild Thing Detail Studio is proud to have become a Professional Trained Installer of WAXOYL !! 

With the cost of vehicles soaring to new heights, protecting your investment has never been more crucial.

At Wild Thing Detail Studio, we understand the frustration of most traditional Rust Protection products, that fail to stand the test of time!

  • Imagine not only getting exceptional 365 day protection, but also reducing maintenance costs!

  • Imagine getting so much in increased resale value that you could recover multiples of your costs!

  • Imagine having a vehicle that still looks clean after years of use!!

  • Imagine getting the BEST Vehicle Protection that is also safe for your new EV, or PHEV, including Tesla's!?

Our Rust Protection Services offer a Revolutionary Solution to this ongoing problem!
Say goodbye to the hassle of Annual Re-Applications that can become costly and time-consuming.
Our advanced protection methods ensure long-lasting defense against corrosion, saving you both time & money in the long run!

Also, Say GOODBYE to dripping product which leaves a huge mess behind and the frustration of having to find somewhere for your vehicle to sit and dry, as to not wreck your own driveway. The removal of traditional rust protection product by just our Canadian road sprays, weather and salt-trapping behind dried-out solutions which can lead to massive rust damage!

The cost of vehicles is skyrocketing! Even used vehicles are selling at exorbitant prices!

Many products fail to protect your vehicle investment. They drip on your driveway, and/or get removed by road spray, or dry out, then trap salt behind them, causing massive rust. Annual products need to be sprayed over and over again & really should be done at least 2x a year! That gets really expensive & time consuming after awhile.

Doing nothing guarantees corrosion and a very limited vehicle lifespan. Electronic modules don't work either, despite the claims of the sellers. The worst part is by the time you realize it, it’s too late & your vehicle is a now, so to speak; "A Rust bucket"!!


What if there was a much better way!?

WAXOYL has become the most trusted and proven product over the past 55 years, protecting vehicles in the fight against corrosion.

Your vehicle is expensive; Protect it with the best! Long-life Protection!

At Wild Thing Detail Studio, we understand the struggle of protecting your vehicle investment in today's market.


With the escalating costs of vehicles, even used ones are fetching exorbitant prices. We know that many products on the market fall short in providing long-lasting protection.

They either end up dripping on your driveway, getting washed away by road spray or simply drying out and trapping salt behind them - leading to dreaded rust issues.


Our rust protection service is designed to be a one-time solution that saves you time and money in the long run.

Unlike annual products that require repeated applications throughout the year, our service is a comprehensive solution that should ideally be done at least twice a year for optimal protection.


Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming maintenance routines

- Trust Wild Thing Detail Studio for your reliable and cost-effective rust Protection Solutions & Services.


Exceptional Quality & Protection

No Hole Drilling Required

Zero Drips
(Post Installation)

Enviromentally Friendly

Self Heals

Resilient to Spray


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